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jQuery OWL Carousel Testimonials Slider

Learn how to create a jQuery OWL Carousel Testimonials slider to showcase the client feedback. It is a good design and a responsive slider. Its a touch enable and works on almost all modern browsers. Now you can easily showcase your client feedback on your website is a nice and beautiful way. This OWL carousel… Read More »

Lightbox Multiple Images Modal Gallery

Learn how to create a lightbox with multiple images using free jQuery Plugin. It creates the gallery in the modal popup that includes the multiple images. With the help of this plugin, you can easily showcase the series of images and when users click on any image, it will popup the lightbox mode and show… Read More »

List/Grid View Switcher with jQuery

Learn how to create a list/Grid view switcher with jQuery to switch the post/products. The plugin base on the jquery toggle on-click event buttons. The plugin comes with nice and clean layout. The layout design developed by using the bootstrap framework. So if you are working with bootstrap or want to integrate this plugin, you… Read More »

jQuery Image Zoom In Zoom Out On Click

The “Zoom.js” is a super lightweight jQuery plugin for creating image Zoom in & Zoom Out on click event within the content. It is easy to use and supports multiple browsers. It’s a simple plugin that provides a smooth Zooming effect on clicking an image. The Fat Zoom plugin works like an image lightbox with… Read More »

jQuery Full Screen Story Image Gallery

Here is a jQuery mobile-friendly fullscreen image gallery which allows you to show a story with your photos. It is a minimalist and vertical photo gallery. Basically its a full of feature plugins which make your work fast and allow you to step up a gallery within few mints. You can easily showcase images in… Read More »

Image Comparison Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A simple Image comparison draggable slider plugin allows to quickly compare two images. It’s powered by jQuery & CSS3 which easy to use. It is a great jQuery plugin for creating image comparison sliders that work well on mobile devices. Basically, the plugin shows the before and after the difference between the two images. The… Read More »

Fade in Fade out Slideshow with jQuery

Looking for a solution to build a simple slider? This Fade in Fade out slideshow is perfect for you. Its build with jQuery and CSS3 animation. The plugin is well coded and easy to implement. It allows you to create a simple and lightweight slideshow that you can use to showcase the multiple images. The… Read More »

Background Image Slider Using jQuery & CSS3

The “Slicarousel” is a background image slider that builds with jQuery and CSS3. It’s responsive and allows you to create a beautiful carousel with next/previous buttons. This slideshow is perfect if you want to define the images as the background instead of using the img tag itself. Its quite easy to add the images and… Read More »