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Youtube Video Background with jQuery Plugin

Previously, we shared a solution of creating HTML5 video background with Javascript but today we make a jQuery plugin which works with Youtube videos. It’s a jQuery wrapper for Youtube API which allows you to embed a series of Youtube videos on your web page. The video will work as a background and you can… Read More »

Javascript Minimal Masonry Web Layout – MiniMasonry.js

The MiniMasonry.js is a dependency-free masonry layout library to create layout easily and quickly. It’s lightweight (1kb Gzipped) and minimal responsive plugin. It automatically calculates elements (Such as div) position using Javascript and updates their positions using CSS3  transform attribute. That means it does not trigger the browser layout and use the devices GPU. It… Read More »

Javascript Video Background with HTML5 & CSS

Learn how to create a video background using Javascript. I will use a hell easy plugin to make a fullscreen HTML5 video. A little CSS will help me convert it into an awesome looking template. With the help of this plugin, you can also easily create a full-width video background by simply setting the static… Read More »

Full Width Video Background with HTML5 & CSS

In our previous post, We have created a Mobile-Friendly Fullscreen Video Background with the help of CSS and jQuery. But what about making a full width with an overlay pattern? This post is all about making a Full-Width Video Background by using HTML5 & CSS. Such type of layout video can be used for the… Read More »

Make Responsive Fullscreen Video Background

Adding photos as background and make them responsive & fullscreen is quite easy but what to do with the video?  You may be thinking it’s hard to do but it’s not. By the help of little Javascript, We can easily make a Responsive Fullscreen Video Background and make it work with most of the major… Read More »

Overlay Scrollbars: Javascript Custom Scrollbar Plugin

This javascript scrollbar plugin allows users to hides native scrollbars, and provides custom styleable overlay scrollbars and keeps the native functionality and feeling. If you hate ugly and space consuming scrollbars then this plugin is perfect for your next project. There are many more plugins available for making the Simple Custom Scrollbar but this one… Read More »

Responsive Youtube Video Background with jQuery

Another way to create Responsive Youtube Video Background with jQuery. It’s a fullscreen solution and scaled an aspect ratio of 16/9. Furthermore, you can place the content over the video and make it align the center of the page. It’s easy to make the HTML5 video as a background and make it fullscreen but for… Read More »