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Circular Progress Bar Using Plain HTML / CSS

Looking to create a circular progress bar with plain HTML/CSS? This is is a pure CSS approach to presenting percentage values in circular. It is like a ring chart which partially filled the circles. Due to the only CSS, these circular are lightweight and also easy to implement. All you need to copy a few… Read More »

CSS Progress Bar with Gradient Background

It is always fun to play with web elements and Today we have build gradient progress bar with CSS. It looks fancy and no images. The gradient background makes it appealing. This bar doesn’t have percentage indicator but I did make Progress Bar with Percentage which you can take a look for a demo. The… Read More »

Basic CSS Progress Bar with Percentage

Looking for a clean coded progress bar? This is a CSS progress bar with percentage value which easies to customize. All you need to change the value in HTML and you are done. Just a few lines of CSS code required to build it. It’s responsive and works on mobile too. It is a basic… Read More »

Lazy Load iFrame Embedded Content With JavaScript

By using the jQuery and a small function of Javascript, You can easily build Lazy Load iFrame content. This lazy code work with Underscore which is a small Javascript library that provides a whole mess of useful functionality. It helps developers to extend any built-in objects. With the help of jQuery and Underscore, We can… Read More »

Lazy Loading Images in Javascript Example

It is important for any website to load its images faster for better user experience. Especially if you are running a wallpaper website which always has hundreds of images. If you are facing slow speed then the Lazy loading images come to there to solve the issue. Today we are going to share you a… Read More »

Pure CSS Circular Percentage Bar without JS

It is a pure CSS circular progress bar which shows the percentage in the circular. There is no Javascript or graphics required to implement it on your website. You can see the demo and download the HTML/CSS and SASS files for implementation. It is inspired with many jQuery plugins but developed with solely CSS for… Read More »