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Animated Sticky Header On Scroll Down

Animated Sticky Header (Scroll Down): By using the  position: sticky or  position: fixed property, we can easily fix the elements without using Javascript or jQuery plugins. But creating a fixed header that shrinks On-Scroll with animation couldn’t not possible without a little bit of JavaScript. The task to build a sticky header that stays fixed… Read More »

Animated Header Background Using Jquery & Canvas

Looking for the nice effect to create an animated header background using Jquery & Canvas? This is pretty awesome and simple particularly effect inspired by space networks. Inside of adding simple general background color for header of your website, Why not make it’s background animated with this particular effect. This is an awesome animation for… Read More »

Create CSS Responsive Header with Logo and Menu

Do you want to quickly build a clean responsive header with logo with the help of CSS? Check out this plugin and create a top header area with a dropdown menu. It is base on jQuery and CSS plugin which is easy to customize and simple to use. The navigation bar comes with black background… Read More »

Pure CSS Hamburger Fold-out Menu

If you are not aware, The off-canvas hamburger menus which build with the only CSS are not a recent discovery. You may know that Chris Coyier wrote about this technique back in November of 2012. Today, We will walk through you to create another simple but Pure Hamburger Fold-out Menu which are responsive and work well… Read More »

Menu Hamburger Toggle Menu CSS Only

The Off-Canvas Hamburger Menu is a new addition in web design. Before it was only for mobile but now the latest web trend shows many sites add them on the desktop version of the site. Today, We have a fancy hamburger toggle navigation Menu which builds with CSS/CSS3 only. It allows the user to toggle… Read More »

Scrollspy Smooth Scroll Plugin in JavaScript – Gumshoe.js

Are you planning to build a single page website? And looking for a solution to add Scrollspy to links? The Gumshoe.js provide smooth scrolling for navigation links. It enables the links to smoothly scroll between page section with the support of Scrollspy. It’s a simple vanilla Js script which lightweight (3kb minified) JavaScript library that… Read More »

Javascript Simple Scrollspy Sticky Navigation Plugin

Do you want to build a one-page website? And looking to implement fixed or sticky navigation? This javascript simple Scrollspy navigation plugin allows you to build it quickly. Using readymade plugins means you are going to save a lot of time and fast the work progress. If you are short of time and want to deliver the… Read More »