jQuery Autocomplete Search Bar with Suggestions

The “Autocomplete” is a search bar jQuery plugin which gives suggestions when the user starts typing the text in the input text field. It helps to create a powerful search bar. It improves your site search with hints for greater user experience. The plugin well designed and offer multiple features. It’s a cross-browser compatible plugin… Read More »

jQuery Highlight Text in div with Marker Animation

This simple jQuery plugin helps you to highlight text in div element by using maker animation. It searches the paragraph in the elements and highlights them. Basically, the plugin work in a way so when the user scrolls down the page it automatically highlights important paragraph in different colors. You can easily highlight single words,… Read More »

Animated Sticky Header On Scroll Down

Animated Sticky Header (Scroll Down): By using the  position: sticky or  position: fixed property, we can easily fix the elements without using Javascript or jQuery plugins. But creating a fixed header that shrinks On-Scroll with animation couldn’t not possible without a little bit of JavaScript. The task to build a sticky header that stays fixed… Read More »

jQuery Parallax Scrolling Background Image

SnakeParallax.js dirt simple jQuery plugin to create parallax scrolling background image. No coding skills required to implement it on any type of website. The plugin handles all the styles directly from Javascript file. You don’t need to do anything but just call the image URL in the Javascript function and you are done. It is… Read More »

Vertical Thumbnail Image Slider with jQuery

Another jQuery plugin to create a vertical thumbnail image slider with writing the code from search. Simply add a few basic files and you are done. It’s a lightweight plugin to create thumbnail slider. It allows you to make the slider horizontal or vertical with thumbnail. The interface is beautiful for sliding photos. Currently, this… Read More »

Youtube Video Background with jQuery Plugin

Previously, we shared a solution of creating HTML5 video background with Javascript but today we make a jQuery plugin which works with Youtube videos. It’s a jQuery wrapper for Youtube API which allows you to embed a series of Youtube videos on your web page. The video will work as a background and you can… Read More »

Confirm Box in Jquery with Yes/No Option

Looking to build a confirm box in jQuery with the option Yes/No? We will build a plugin by the help of confirming () function which will display a dialog box with the specified message. The box will have two buttons OK and Canel. Also an additional button for help. Normally the confirm boxes used when… Read More »

Animated Header Background Using Jquery & Canvas

Looking for the nice effect to create an animated header background using Jquery & Canvas? This is pretty awesome and simple particularly effect inspired by space networks. Inside of adding simple general background color for header of your website, Why not make it’s background animated with this particular effect. This is an awesome animation for… Read More »