Create CSS Responsive Header with Logo and Menu

Do you want to quickly build a CSS navigation bar with the logo? Check out this plugin and create a responsive header with a dropdown menu. It is base on jQuery and CSS which is easy to customize and simple to use. The navigation bar comes with black background whether the logo aligns on the… Read More »

Simple Modal Popup in Vanilla Javascript – Modal.js

Looking for simple and easy to use solution for modal popup? The Modal.js plugin created using vanilla javascript. It is pretty lightweight and developer friendly. You can easily apply modal window popup on link or image to show a larger version of the photo or show more content. It’s super easy to customize and can… Read More »

Javascript Minimal Masonry Web Layout – MiniMasonry.js

The MiniMasonry.js is a dependency-free masonry layout library to create layout easily and quickly. It’s lightweight (1kb Gzipped) and minimal responsive plugin. It automatically calculates elements (Such as div) position using Javascript and updates their positions using CSS3  transform attribute. That means it does not trigger the browser layout and use the devices GPU. It… Read More »

Responsive CSS3 Slider Without Javascript

Responsive CSS3 Slider Without Javascript: You will find many sliders which developed with CSS3 animation but how about this one? It’s responsive and works great with modern browsers. Early days we have seen many sites use jQuery slider because of great animation functionality but nowadays any kind of animation possible with CSS3. When we can… Read More »

Circular Progress Bar Using Plain HTML / CSS

Looking to create a circular progress bar with plain HTML/CSS? This is is a pure CSS approach to presenting percentage values in circular. It is like a ring chart which partially filled the circles. Due to the only CSS, these circular are lightweight and also easy to implement. All you need to copy a few… Read More »