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Animated Sticky Header On Scroll Down

Animated Sticky Header (Scroll Down): By using the  position: sticky or  position: fixed property, we can easily fix the elements without using Javascript or jQuery plugins. But creating a fixed header that shrinks On-Scroll with animation couldn’t not possible without a little bit of JavaScript. The task to build a sticky header that stays fixed… Read More »

Animated Header Background Using Jquery & Canvas

Looking for the nice effect to create an animated header background using Jquery & Canvas? This is pretty awesome and simple particularly effect inspired by space networks. Inside of adding simple general background color for header of your website, Why not make it’s background animated with this particular effect. This is an awesome animation for… Read More »

Javascript Wave Animation for Headers & Footers

The Wave.js is a Javascript plugin which provides configurable Wave animation for header and footer. It simulates the waves on the surface of water using vanilla javascript and Canvas API. The plugin also has options to toggle the animation to stop them on a certain point or keep them running. It gives a nice and cool… Read More »