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Simple Image Lightbox in Javascript – Ovrly.js

To create a simple image lightbox isn’t quite hard and it’s possible to do with Javascript. Today we have Ovrly.js library which is super lightweight CSS-less javascript plugin. It is responsive and allows to modal popup while preventing the body scroll. The Ovrly.js is a dead a small library which can be used to overlay images on… Read More »

Pure CSS Image Lightbox / Gallery – Perfundo

The Perfundo is a plugin which allows creating a pure CSS image lightbox. It gives you the ability to present single or multiple images in a responsive way. It is an animated library which works when the user clicks on link or image. This lightbox plugin includes some awesome functions which normally seen in Javascript image lightbox but due… Read More »

Responsive Image Lightbox in Javascript

The img-lightbox is a lightweight javascript plugin which helps you to build a fully responsive image lightbox in no time and without using Jquery. It i It is simple and easy to use a plugin which displays a larger version of an image when clicking on image or link. It provides powered full animations fade in… Read More »

Pure JavaScript Image Lightbox – Zbox.js

The Zbox.js is a simple and lightweight solution for pure Javascript image lightbox. It can be used on image or link to show a bigger version of the image. It is a flexible image viewer of the javascript library which is responsive and mobile friendly. When a user clicks on the image thumbnail, it shows… Read More »