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jQuery Animate Number Count From Zero To Value

Yet another great jQuery animate number plugin which counts the value from zero till the end the number which you define. You simply need to define end number and it will start counting. It is a lightweight and multi-purpose plugin which work as stand-alone. You can easily trigger the numbers by using the Javascript /… Read More »

jQuery Number Counter On Scroll – Countup.js

The Countup.js is a jQuery Number Counter On Scroll plugin that animates the numerical values by counting up from zero while the user scrolls down the page. It’s a lightweight and tiny plugin which comes with a size of ~2kb only. The plugins come with nice features which include controlling the animation delay and transition.… Read More »

jQuery Autocomplete Search Bar with Suggestions

The “Autocomplete” is a search bar jQuery plugin which gives suggestions when the user starts typing the text in the input text field. It helps to create a powerful search bar. It improves your site search with hints for greater user experience. The plugin well designed and offer multiple features. It’s a cross-browser compatible plugin… Read More »

Javascript Autocomplete Dropdown without Jquery

It is a simple Javascript autocomplete dropdown plugin which builds with pure vanilla Javascript library. There is no need for jquery or any dependencies. Its lightweight, blazing fast easy to use and a dynamic plugin for modern web development. If you are working with a nice and clean front-end design and there is a form on the… Read More »

Javascript Format Phone Number While Typing

The phoneinput.js Javascript plugin which allows the site users to automatically format the phone number in the text field while typing. This is a nice way to implement a phone number field on your website contact or other important forms. It provides Javascript functionality to dynamically format phone number input fields as you type. It also comes… Read More »