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jQuery OWL Carousel Testimonials Slider

Learn how to create a jQuery OWL Carousel Testimonials slider to showcase the client feedback. It is a good design and a responsive slider. Its a touch enable and works on almost all modern browsers. Now you can easily showcase your client feedback on your website is a nice and beautiful way. This OWL carousel… Read More »

Image Comparison Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A simple Image comparison draggable slider plugin allows to quickly compare two images. It’s powered by jQuery & CSS3 which easy to use. It is a great jQuery plugin for creating image comparison sliders that work well on mobile devices. Basically, the plugin shows the before and after the difference between the two images. The… Read More »

Fade in Fade out Slideshow with jQuery

Looking for a solution to build a simple slider? This Fade in Fade out slideshow is perfect for you. Its build with jQuery and CSS3 animation. The plugin is well coded and easy to implement. It allows you to create a simple and lightweight slideshow that you can use to showcase the multiple images. The… Read More »

Vertical Thumbnail Image Slider with jQuery

Another jQuery plugin to create a vertical thumbnail image slider with writing the code from search. Simply add a few basic files and you are done. It’s a lightweight plugin to create thumbnail slider. It allows you to make the slider horizontal or vertical with thumbnail. The interface is beautiful for sliding photos. Currently, this… Read More »

Lightweight Responsive Slider in Javascript

The ResponsiveSlides.js is a most lightweight Javascript plugin to build a responsive slider in no time. The plugin file is just about 1KB that means no load on your website. This is a tiny Javascript plugin that allows you to create a fully responsive photo slider using the elements inside a container. It works with… Read More »

Mobile-friendly Pure Javascript Photo Slider

Easy to understand tutorial about creating a pure Javascript photo slideshow with the help of Gallery.js plugin. It enables users to swipe images like a carousel. Another cool thing the slider is mobile friendly and easy to use. It comes with fade-in animation and dot navigation to change each slide. Furthermore, the slider is simple… Read More »