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Javascript Video Background with HTML5 – Vide.js

The Vide.js is hell easy plugin for creating video backgrounds. It’s a Javascript plugin which operates with HTML5 video element. With the help of this plugin, You can easily add a full-width video background or cover all over the page background. The plugin comes with some great and useful options for customizations. It’s a mobile-friendly… Read More »

Make Responsive Fullscreen Video Background

Adding photos as background and make them responsive & fullscreen is quite easy but what to do with the video?  You may be thinkings it’s hard to do but it’s not. By the help of Javascript, We can easily make a youtube video as background and make it work with most of the major browsers.… Read More »

Responsive Youtube Video Background

It is fully responsive and mobile friendly youtube video background which scaled with an aspect ratio of 16/9.  You may know that it’s easy to make the responsive HTML5 video but for youtube or Vimeo, we need to take help of Javascript. In this tutorial, We will help you with how you can make the… Read More »

FullScreen YouTube Video Background In Pure CSS

To make a fullscreen photo using CSS is so easy but what about the video? To make fullscreen HTML5 video background can be done using a plugin but let’s have a look how we can do the same thing but using youtube video. It’s easy and works well on all devices and browser. The solution is developed with… Read More »

Fullscreen HTML5 Video Background – Vidage.js

The Vidage.js is thin Javascript library which provides solutions to create fullscreen HTML5 video background. It will automatically handle full-screen for your video and also work with images. It supports hide and pause video functions on the touch devices and provides fallback image instead. It is responsive and works well on mobile and window browsers. How… Read More »