Animated Image Slider using jQuery & CSS3

Category: Slideshow | November 23, 2019
Author: ChiangYuChi
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Last Update: January 5, 2020
License: MIT

Yet another animated image slider that builds using jQuery and CSS3. This slideshow comes with the little HTML markup that easy to place anywhere on the webpage.

Basically, this slider is quite simple and basic. It doesn’t have too many options to configure it. It comes with the basic arrow navigations that allow users to navigate between each image.

To build and implement this image slider is quite easy. All you need to define the list of images inside the container and you are done.

After adding the images, this plugin renders a beautiful fullscreen animated image slider with the next previous buttons.

Moreover, you can easily customize it with additional CSS according to your needs. By just placing the HTML structure within the container, you can make fixed with slider without any additional changes.

How to Create an Animated Image Slider Using jQuery

In the initial step to load the jQuery (latest version) into your HTML document before closing the head tag.

<script src=""></script>

Our next step to add the plugin CSS and Javascript files. So let’s load the assets on your website/app.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/all.css">
<script src="js/all.js"></script>

After that, we will create the HTML structure. We will simply define the main wrapper then add a child element div with an ID slider.

Inside the child element, we will place all the images. For the next/previous navigation button, we will place two different divs outside the main wrapper.

Each button div will have a unique ID.

<div id="main">
    <div id="silder">
        <img src="img/bg1.jpg" class="silder-img">
        <img src="img/bg2.jpg" class="silder-img">
        <img src="img/bg3.jpg" class="silder-img">

<div id="prvbtn">&#8592</div>
<div id="nxtbtn">&#8594</div>

The plugin don’t have any configuration option to manage its settings. Also, you don’t need to initialize or active the plugin, it will automatically start working after including all the assets.

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