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jQuery TimePicker 24 Hour Format

The “Wickedpicker” is a very simple and light-weight jQuery TimePicker 24 Hour Format that comes with configurable options. The user can pick the time with AM & PM. The plugin also allows users to pick the specific or current data time in both 12 & 24-hour time format. It also has a clear button which… Read More »

jQuery Countdown Timer with Minutes & Seconds

Today we are going to build a Countdown timer that shows minutes & Seconds.  We can achieve this by using a simple “FlipTimer” jQuery plugin. Now you can easily create the count-down or count up from a specified date. It’s a great plugin that is light-weight and responsive. Furthermore, it works well on a mobile… Read More »

Date Format (DD/MM/YYY) Validation in jQuery

The “datetextentry.js” is a great jQuery plugin which provides data format validation in real-time.  It’s a powerful and well-developed plugin. The plugin comes with multiple features which validate the data format. Due to its extensive options, it allows you to easily customize and configure it according to your development requirements. The date Text Entry plugin… Read More »