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Javascript Copy to Clipboard Without Input – Copyer.js

The copyer.js is an open source library which builds in Javascript. This plugin allows site users to copy the text to the clipboard without input field. While implementation, you don’t need to define the textarea or any kind of input filed. You can implement it using HTML elements such as div or p tags. It is… Read More »

Javascript Autocomplete Dropdown without Jquery

It is a simple Javascript autocomplete dropdown plugin which builds with pure vanilla Javascript library. There is no need for jquery or any dependencies. Its lightweight, blazing fast easy to use and a dynamic plugin for modern web development. If you are working with a nice and clean front-end design and there is a form on the… Read More »

Javascript Format Phone Number While Typing

The phoneinput.js Javascript plugin which allows the site users to automatically format the phone number in the text field while typing. This is a nice way to implement a phone number field on your website contact or other important forms. It provides Javascript functionality to dynamically format phone number input fields as you type. It also comes… Read More »

Javascript Drag and Drop File Upload – filepond.js

The filepond.js is flexible and fun Javascript Drag and Drop File Upload library which also have a unique design. It is easy to implement on any type of site whether its plain or CMS based website. Instead of adding boring file uploader, Let’s try out this amazing drag and drop file uploader to make your site contact for… Read More »

Javascript Quantity box with plus and minus buttons

Are you planning to build an E-commerce website? Instead of adding boring quantity box, why not try out this beautiful and clean looking plus and minus buttons to stand out your site. Its a quantity.js, a small and tiny javascript file which make the input quantity box a nice looking. All e-commerce website need quantity box,  where… Read More »

Create Onclick Search Box Open with CSS

Let’s have a look another nice and unique way to add a search bar. When onclick a search button, a search box will open with nice animation. It builds with CSS, Jquery and a few lines of Javascript. It slides out or expandable search bar which is perfect to implement on the header. You can implement it… Read More »

Jquery Expandable Search Box on Click

An expandable search box shows the input type search form when clicking on the button. It builds with jquery and a bit of CSS to style it. It is fluid width and works well on all type of media, small and large devices. You can easily implement in any kind of design. It is an… Read More »