Responsive Youtube Video Background with jQuery

Responsive youtube video background

Another way to create Responsive Youtube Video Background with jQuery. It’s a fullscreen solution and scaled an aspect ratio of 16/9. Furthermore, you can place the content over the video and make it align the center of the page. It’s … Read More

Javascript Custom Scrollbar without jQuery

javascript custom scrollbar without jquery

The “simplebar.js” is a vanilla Javascript Custom Scrollbar plugin that developed without touching the jQuery. It ensures the greate perform and work well with all major browsers. The plugin allows you to create the custom horizontal or vertical scrollbar for … Read More

Fullscreen HTML5 Video Background – Vidage.js

Fullscreen HTML5 Video Background

The Vidage.js is thin Javascript library which provides solutions to create fullscreen HTML5 video background. It will automatically handle full-screen for your video and also work with images. You can implement it on any kind of website. It’s work well … Read More