Video Parallax Background with Javascript & HTML5

Video Parallax Effect

BackgroundVideo.js is a vanilla Javascript video parallax background plugin which acts like CSS3 property background-size: cover;. It’s a lightweight plugin that turns the HTML5 <video> element into a full working parallax section with scaling to aspect ratio. Did you try … Read More

jQuery Parallax Scrolling Background Image

jQuery Parallax Scrolling Background Image

SnakeParallax.js dirt simple jQuery plugin to create parallax scrolling background image. No coding skills required to implement it on any type of website. The plugin handles all the styles directly from Javascript file. You don’t need to do anything but … Read More

Easy Parallax Scrolling Plugin in Pure Javascript

Easy Parallax Scrolling plugin

This is Javascript plugin Cross-browser support to create easy parallax scrolling website. It works well on mobile platforms. It allows to easily set up on any type of website. This plugin allows making the different section of parallax images or content. Whether … Read More