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Category: Animation | August 5, 2018
javascript particle animation for background
Author: BowersDev
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Last Update:March 28, 2019

The bParticles.js is developed to create standing subtle particle animation for the background. It adds awesome looking details to projects and creates the more dyanmic experience for users. Lets get ride of boring looking background and add some stunnding anmiation to make it more becufiful for your users.

It enache the beauty of the website and make the fan of your site users. You can easily use this plugin as background to give new look to your website.

The javascript particle animation is a new way of designing a great details website. It is a unique way to create an effect and give eye-catching stuff to users.

To use particles JS as background means to generate configurable circle particles that move randomly within a specified container.

How to use it:

You simply need to add bParticles.js file downloaded into your project folder, as well as a JSON config file. Import this file into your HTML as follows.

<script src="path/to/bParticles.js"></script>

The HTML is just a DIV which need to define after body and add the ID.

<div id="particles"></div>

To initialize the bparticles, you will need to call the main bParticles() JS function like so…

bParticles("bParticles/bParticles.json", "particles", function(particlesID){
    console.log("bParticles initiliazed with ID #" + particlesID);


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