jQuery Image Gallery with Thumbnails and Zoom

Category: Gallery | December 7, 2019
jQuery Image Gallery with Thumbnails and Zoom
Author: LCweb-ita
Official Page: Go to Website
Last Update: January 5, 2020
License: MIT

The LC-Lightbox is a lightweight jQuery image Gallery with thumbnails and Zoom plugin. It comes with awesome and multiple features.

Some of its features include thumbnails, touch-enabled, Zoom, slideshow, sliding animations and much more.

The gallery design is pretty much neat and clean. It builds to focused on content and totally responsive. Additionally, it adaptive and extremely flexible with minimum details.

Due to its extension options, you can easily customize it and Enable/Disable any of its features. All you need to define the settings in its Javascript optoins.

Moreover, the plugin overall weight is only 46KB (JS) + 34KB (CSS) that means its super lightweight and will not slow down your webpage.

Main features Of Thumbnails Gallery

  • Initialized Slideshow Elements manually or automatically.
  • It has the Thumbnails Navigation with customizable sizes and optional data-type icon.
  • Social share icons with WhatsApp option.
  • You can add content such as title, description and author name.
  • The “right-click” protection including in the photo gallery.
  • The Thumbnail Gallery comes with a fullscreen mode option.
  • It also has a direct download option without requiring PHP scripts.
  • And many more ….

How to Use Image Gallery with Thumbnails and Zoom

To getting started with jQuery Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnails you need to load the jQuery, AlloyFinger and other necessary assets into your HTML page.

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.4.0.min.js"></script>

<!-- AlloyFinger JS -->
<script src="lib/AlloyFinger/alloy_finger.min.js"></script>

<!-- LC Lightbox Js -->
<script src="js/lc_lightbox.lite.js"></script>

After that, you need to add the CSS’s assets. There are two CSS files that you need to add to your website. The first one will handle the design layout for the lightbox and the other one apply the skins.

<!-- LC Lightbox CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/lc_lightbox.css" />

<!-- Skin CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="skins/minimal.css" />

Now we need to create the HTML structure for the image gallery. Simply define an anchor link with a class name elem and add the image path inside the “href”.

There are different data-attribute that allow you to customize the gallery.  You can add the heading in the title attribute.

For the description you can use the data-lcl-txt attribute. Similar you can add the author name in the data-lcl-author attribute.  If you want to show the thumbnails then you can define the path inside the data-lcl-thumb attribute.

<a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1476514525535-07fb3b4ae5f1?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 1" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1476514525535-07fb3b4ae5f1?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1476514525535-07fb3b4ae5f1?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a> <a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1502082553048-f009c37129b9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 2" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1502082553048-f009c37129b9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1502082553048-f009c37129b9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a> <a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1442850473887-0fb77cd0b337?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 3" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1442850473887-0fb77cd0b337?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1442850473887-0fb77cd0b337?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a> <a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1431794062232-2a99a5431c6c?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 4" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1431794062232-2a99a5431c6c?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1431794062232-2a99a5431c6c?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a> <a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1432405972618-c60b0225b8f9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 5" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1432405972618-c60b0225b8f9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1432405972618-c60b0225b8f9?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a> <a class="elem" href="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1482192505345-5655af888cc4?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=2000&q=80&cs=tinysrgb" title="image 6" data-lcl-txt="lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" data-lcl-author="someone" data-lcl-thumb="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1482192505345-5655af888cc4?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=150&q=80&cs=tinysrgb"> <span style="background-image: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1482192505345-5655af888cc4?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=400&q=80&cs=tinysrgb);"></span> </a>

The Javascript

Initialize the plugin in jQuery document ready function to activate the image gallery with thumbnails and zoom.

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(e) { // live handler lc_lightbox('.elem', { wrap_class: 'lcl_fade_oc', gallery : true, thumb_attr: 'data-lcl-thumb', skin: 'minimal', radius: 0, padding : 0, border_w: 0, }); }); </script>

LC Lightbox (jQuery image Gallery with thumbnails) Options

The following are all available options (and callback functions) to fully customize the LC Lightbox.

lc_lightbox('.elem', { gallery : true, // whether to display a single element or compose a gallery gallery_hook : 'rel', // attribute grouping elements - use false to create a gallery with all fetched elements live_elements : true, // if a selector is found, set true to handle automatically DOM changes preload_all : false, // whether to preload all images on document ready global_type : 'image', src_attr : 'href', // attribute containing element's source title_attr : 'title', // attribute containing the title - is possible to specify a selector with this syntax: "> .selector" or "> span" txt_attr : 'data-lcl-txt', // attribute containing the description - is possible to specify a selector with this syntax: "> .selector" or "> span" author_attr : 'data-lcl-author', // attribute containing the author - is possible to specify a selector with this syntax: "> .selector" or "> span" slideshow : true, // whether to enable slideshow open_close_time : 400, // animation duration for lightbox opening and closing / 1000 = 1sec ol_time_diff : 100, // overlay's animation advance (on opening) and delay (on close) to window / 1000 = sec fading_time : 80, // elements fading animation duration in millisecods / 1000 = 1sec animation_time : 250, // sizing animation duration in millisecods / 1000 = 1sec slideshow_time : 6000, // slideshow interval duration in milliseconds / 1000 = 1sec autoplay : false, // autoplay slideshow - bool counter : false, // whether to display elements counter progressbar : true, // whether to display a progressbar when slideshow runs carousel : true, // whether to create a non-stop pagination cycling elements max_width : '93%', // Lightbox maximum width. Use a responsive percent value or an integer for static pixel value max_height : '93%', // Lightbox maximum height. Use a responsive percent value or an integer for static pixel value wrap_padding : false, // set lightbox wrapping padding. Useful to maintain spaces using px max-sizes. Use a CSS value (string) ol_opacity : 0.7, // overlay opacity / value between 0 and 1 ol_color : '#111', // background color of the overlay ol_pattern : false, // overlay patterns - insert the pattern name or false border_w : 0, // width of the lightbox border in pixels border_col : '#ddd', // color of the lightbox border padding : 0, // width of the lightbox padding in pixels radius : 0, // lightbox border radius in pixels shadow : true, // whether to apply a shadow around lightbox window remove_scrollbar: true, // whether to hide page's vertical scroller wrap_class : '', // custom classes added to wrapper - for custom styling/tracking skin : 'light', // light / dark / custom data_position : 'over', // over / under / lside / rside cmd_position : 'inner', // inner / outer ins_close_pos : 'normal', // set closing button position for inner commands - normal/corner nav_btn_pos : 'normal', // set arrows and play/pause position - normal/middle txt_hidden : 500, // whether to hide texts on lightbox opening - bool or int (related to browser's smaller side) show_title : true, // bool / whether to display titles show_descr : true, // bool / whether to display descriptions show_author : true, // bool / whether to display authors thumbs_nav : true, // enables thumbnails navigation (requires elements poster or images) tn_icons : true, // print type icons on thumbs if types are mixed tn_hidden : 500, // whether to hide thumbs nav on lightbox opening - bool or int (related to browser's smaller side) thumbs_w : 110, // width of the thumbs for the standard lightbox thumbs_h : 110, // height of the thumbs for the standard lightbox thumb_attr : false, // attribute containing thumb URL to use or false to use thumbs maker thumbs_maker_url: false, // script baseurl to create thumbnails (use src=%URL% w=%W% h=%H%) fullscreen : false, // Allow the user to expand a resized image. true/false fs_img_behavior : 'fit', // resize mode of the fullscreen image - smart/fit/fill fs_only : 500, // when directly open in fullscreen mode - bool or int (related to browser's smaller side) browser_fs_mode : true, // whether to trigger or nor browser fullscreen mode socials : false, // bool fb_direct_share : false, // bool / whether to use direct FB contents share (requires APP ID to be specified) txt_toggle_cmd : true, // bool / allow text hiding download : false, // bool / whether to add download button touchswipe : true, // bool / Allow touch interactions for mobile (requires AlloyFinger) mousewheel : true, // bool / Allow elements navigation with mousewheel modal : false, // enable modal mode (no closing on overlay click) rclick_prevent : false, // whether to avoid right click on lightbox elems_parsed : function() {}, html_is_ready : function() {}, on_open : function() {}, on_elem_switch : function() {}, slideshow_start : function() {}, slideshow_end : function() {}, on_fs_enter : function() {}, on_fs_exit : function() {}, on_close : function() {}, });


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