200+ Best jQuery Plugins List 2022 Free Download

Jquery Expandable Search Box on Click

expandable search box

An expandable search box shows the input type search form when clicking on the button. It builds with jquery and a bit of CSS to style it. It is fluid width and works well on all type of media, small … Read More

Lightweight Responsive Slider in Javascript

Lightweight Responsive Slider

The ResponsiveSlides.js is a most lightweight Javascript plugin to build a responsive slider in no time. The plugin file is just about 1KB that means no load on your website. This is a tiny Javascript plugin that allows you to … Read More

Pure CSS Image Slider without Javascript

pure css image slider

Here is another example of pure CSS image slider without javascript or JS. It is a simple photo slider which has all the options which any Js slideshow have. It has both dots and arrow navigations which allow sliding the … Read More

Mobile-friendly Pure Javascript Photo Slider

Pure Javascript Photo Slider

Easy to understand tutorial about creating a pure Javascript photo slideshow with the help of Gallery.js plugin. It enables users to swipe images like a carousel. Another cool thing the slider is mobile friendly and easy to use. It comes … Read More

Pure CSS Background Image Slider with CSS keyframes

keyframes Background Slider

The background image slider builds with pure CSS and CSS keyframes animation. It is a fullscreen slideshow which includes two different demo version. It also responsive for all type of media devices. It is a pure CSS3 slider which is easy to customize … Read More